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About witawita.com

What I talk about when I talk about… is – well, at the time of writing, it would be more appropriate to use the future tense, so – will be a miscellany of thoughts, opinions and ideas by me, Kenneth Yau.

This is a place for me to get stuff out of my head that I think other people might find interesting. I don’t expect everyone to find everything interesting and, in the nicest possible way, I don’t care. I’m not chasing clicks or kudos. For me, this is more about finding an outlet to record the thoughts I have and for the joy of writing for writing’s sake.

The subject matter here will be deliberately diverse, covering personal stuff like music I like and professional stuff like how to deal with disruptive people in meetings. I’ve tried to keep work and home stuff separate in the past but as I become older and possibly wiser, I’ve decided that trying to split myself like that isn’t healthy. Witawita (the possible pronunciation of that as ‘witter witter’ is not altogether accidental) is all about me and about all of me. Well, the bits I feel happy sharing publicly.

About the author

It’s me. Hi. I’m the author, it’s me: Kenneth Yau.

The only social network I’m active on is LinkedIn. If you’d like to connect, please put in your message that you found me on WITAWITA so I know you’re not some random person trying to hawk me your wares. I mean, you could be trying to do that but at least I know you’ve come via this site.