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A playlist of songs about birthdays Music & Playlists Happy Birthday – Altered Images Birthday – The Beatles Birthday – Blur Happy Birthday – Stevie Wonder Birthday – The Sugarcubes It’s a short list The puzzling gap between how old you are and how old you think you are – The Atlantic Feb 25, 2023 Me & Music & Playlists & Links The Atlantic article link (Subscription required) Apple News article link (You should be able to read the whole article here if you have Apple RIP, Trugoy the Dove Feb 13, 2023 Music News of the death of David Jolicoeur, aka Trugoy the Dove of De La Soul, has predictably prompted me to play 3 Feet High & Rising on repeat today. I Apple Music Replay 2022 Feb 12, 2023 Music I’m slightly sceptical about the accuracy of these stats from Apple but let’s go with them anyway. According to Apple Music, in 2022 I listened to